How to Become a 21st-Century University

21. February 2020
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I think it's politically and economically relevant,
I want my university to play a full part in that future.

Séan Hand, deputy pro-vice-chancellor (Europe), University of Warwick Tweet

This is the beginning of a great journey.

Emmanuel Macron’s idea and the EU programme for cross-border university alliances has set the frame for an ambitious project: the documentary ‘United Universities of Europe.’


A journalistic journey to the most innovative universities on our continent was quickly planned. The people who work to make these networks function are a highly motivated breed. What drives them? How can students and lecturers participate? How do the universities collaborate with each other, with municipalities, with industry, with research? What does new course design, intelligent mobility schemes, or models for the European Higher Education as a whole look like?


The generous invitation of Séan Hand at the University of Warwick in Great Britain, the hospitality of Ludovic Thilly at the University of Poitiers in France and the passionate conversation with Anne-Laure Cadji at the UCLouvain in Belgium were the start.


The website is the logbook of this project. We want to portrait the plans and projects of the university alliances and what they actually manage to put in place. Now we are looking for project partners, sponsors and creative collaborators to make this documentary happen.


If you are interested to participate – please get in touch to schedule a first online conversation at!


Project director
Tino Brömme, February 2020