About UUU

UNITED UNIVERSITIES OF EUROPE is a project initiated by ESNA European Higher Education News in 2020.

This LOGBOOK has the purpose to keep of keeping record of the efforts leading towards this documentary film. It is an exploration of 41 European university alliances with portraits of innovative campuses, with stories of profs and students, conversations with experts, reports about new cooperative models and the policies aimed at improving higher education as a driver of European citizenship.

The creative minds behind the documentary are the founders of


an independent news agency and network of journalists headquartered in Berlin, Germany, since 2008. It provides a news and information service in the field of higher education and research policy,



a digital first media company that produces and distributes journalistic content about start-ups, tech and innovation in Europe. Inspired by founders who want to change the world through technology we inform you about the latest trends & innovations,



an film production company in Bologna, Italy. Since 2002, it is about creating and educating through the power of sound and images. Using the magic tools of documentaries, films, visual art, photography, music and words we are showing the world as it was, is and could be, and


News, studio talks, music, feature, radio play, entertainment and sound art. r a n d f u n k positions itself — following its name — on the edge of these traditional formats or between editorial boundaries.