EUTOPIA Week – A Self Discovery

23. November 2020

EUTOPIA, 23-27 November 2020. EUTOPIA Week brings together students, researchers, subject matter experts and strategic partners from across the alliance network, every six months. This year they are hosting a number of additional online events, open to all, to provide unique insights and enable important discussions on topics impacting society today.

Programme and timetable 

What’s happening?

The University of Warwick (UK) is hosting the second EUTOPIA Week online with a series of workshops, panel debates and open forum Q&As. High-profile speakers participate in important topical discussions relating to Higher Education and the wider global operating context. A number of sessions will be open to the public and they promise to offer impressive academic and professional expert insights into the hot topics facing our society today. Some sessions are only open to University Presidents and senior leaders, Work Package leads, students, staff, academics and researchers from the six partners of EUTOPIA. There is also an online ‘Pub Quiz’ on Wednesday, where fellow delegates can get together and test their knowledge. And finally, there are Warwick Esports games and events for more fun throughout the week.

Full schedule